Thursday, November 20, 2008

Intruder... Intruder...

Today not really a working day to me. I have an interview to attend. It was a last minute call actually, more like a walk-in interview. So, there we were, from the minute I clock in until 2pm, which when the interview started, we were intensely doing our revision on the safety topics, the favourite topics for the interviewer. We discussed, exchanged question, try to spot question, make some 'toyol', which were not successfully brought into the interview room, getting some hints from those who had completed their interview, and anything in the world that can make us pass.

Our study group had dragged until lunch hour. Me and Amiza had our lunch at McD Karamunsing. With our meal in right hands, and our notes and books on the left, we continued studying as hard as we can like nobody else's business.

Suddenly, a not-so-young lady, with a sundae ice cream cone in hand, approached us. At first, I thought, Amiza is somehow related to her, but looking from the frown, it came to my sense that the lady is a total stranger to us. The only thing I notice about her is her thick foundation. You know like the tone of the face is unsynchronized with the skin colour.

This not-so-young lady was asking whether we work at McD. We were like, hellooooo!!!, do we look like an SPM leaver that need a part time job? Even the SPM examination hasn't really ended. But being a good samaritan, we just throw our bestest smile, with a NO answer.

To our surprise, the not-so-young lady then put her bag and sit beside me without even bother to ask whether the seat was taken. Note: Me and Amiza were sitting on the four seater table and were actually waiting for another two of our colleague to join us studying. We were totally shock at first, but having to think about it, we found it's soooo hilarious. We started to giggle. At a certain point, we cannot tahan our giggle anymore, and burst into laughter. Who can tahan, she even had her order sent to our table as if we were not there. We tried to cover by pointing to the books pretending that it is the cause of our laughter. Also to no avail. I turned my back to her and giggle as hard as I could until my shoulder's shaking very hard. Even the thought of her turning into a psychotic lady and began stabbing me at the back also can't stop me from giggling.

But then, she's getting more and more closer to me, that's when I stopped giggling. It freaks me out. Fortunately, one of my colleague, Aritha came and sit in front of her. At first, Aritha had no idea that the not-so-young lady is not with us. Aritha's who'll be flying to KL in few hours time had her SLR camera with her. All of a sudden, the not-so-young lady began to speak up, again. And the trivia question to Aritha was, are you reporter? We broke into laughter again. Does someone who own a SLR camera had to be a reporter? Hahahaaa~~

Though she had somehow intruded our peaceful lunch, she really had made our day. And for a slight seconds we had totally forgotten what was waiting us ahead - INTERVIEW!!!!


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