Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Arrival of my little Delisya Zahira - Part II

I wish i could do a blog marathon since i have so many things to share with the world. But with this very limited time i have, i'll just update with whatever story i can. I'll try to make this as fast as i could so that i can catch beauty sleep of mine. Bear in mind, i'm not like other mommy during confinement, at least that what i believe. I didn't get to sleep that much, read tak bleh nak tidur siang, with 2 years old toddler actively running the house down.

Ok, back to my birth story. I didn't feel relieve to be sent home. In fact, i was praying hard for me to feel contraction or at least some addition to my opening. But none. Still stuck at 3cm. So, i just give up to the idea sending me home.

I was home on 10th December 2011 around 3pm. Not long after i reached home, i started to feel the contraction. But i just ignore it, assuming it was just a mild one. Nothing near to labour.

0300hr, 11th December 2011, i couldn't really sleep. The contraction starting to grow stronger, but still bearable. It still at 2 hours apart. Hubby started to be weary. He keep insisting to send me to the hospital, takut terberanak di rumah. He's more panicked than i am. But i reject the idea.

2000hr, 11th December 2011. I feel stronger and more consistent contraction which appearing at 1 hours interval, which also still bearable as I can still ate my dinner peacefully and having conversation with my family over dinner. Still refusing to go to the hospital. I wanted to wait for the contraction to become more frequent and longer before going to the hospital, didn't want the same thing happening again. Penat wehh, packing unpacking barang ke hospital ni.

At first i tought i was going to give birth exactly on my EDD, 13th December 2011. But somehow, near to midnight, i decided to go to the hospital. Not because of my contraction is getting more stronger, still at the same level as before, but because i'm thinking if suddenly i were to give birth at wee hour, there's nobody to look after Danish and i didn't want to disturb my parents sleep. So, i better go during my father is still wide awake. However, when we sent Danish to my father, he cried his lung out as if he knows that we're going to left him at home. Suddenly I feel sad leaving Danish afraid that i might not see him again, well you know the feeling of giving birth, macam mau tercabut nyawa ja.

At the hospital, i was inspected and i was at 5cm opening!! The Doctor question me when do i started to feel the contraction, and asked me, why didn't i go to the hospital earlier. I was like, Helllloooo!! You guys are the one who sent me home, so why question!!

I was panicking when the Doctor inform me that he wanted to 'break my waterbag'. Suddenly i felt like i was not ready at all to give birth. I started to request absurd things, thinking that i could buy some time.

Me: Doktor, berapa lama lagi saya mau beranak ni, boleh ka saya makan ubat saya dulu, belum lagi saya makan hari ni.

Nurse: Tidak payah la kau makan tu, tiada effect pun sama HB kau, mau beranak sudah ni.

I then requested to go to the toilet. Jangan la kau kencing di sini, terberanak nanti kau. Kencing di labour room la dekat sikit dengan tandas.

Okayy. So I guess no more excuses could be given. I just accept the fact that this is it, it's time for my baby to see the world. So I was transferred to the labour room without any preparation. My baby clothes was still with hubby who's trying to find a parking spot.

Luckily, hubby manage to park the car and meet me outside the PAC room in time or else he won't be there to accompany me inside the labour room and my baby wouldn't have any clothes to wear!!

0100hr, 11th December 2011, i was again inspected and the Doctor inform me that i am expected to give birth around 0400hr - 0430hr. Three and a half hour to go, and i can't endure the pain any longer. The pain is unbearable compare to my last pregnancy. Previously, during my first labour, i can still doze off to sleep while in the labour room waiting to give birth, though earlier i vommitted twice.

In fact, i rang the Doctor thrice, thinking that i was about to give birth, and I even doing some 'pushing' myself, when the contraction is strong. At last, i was given Entonox as a pain relief, when i continuously complaining on the pain. It was supposed to be inhale only when in pain, but i didn't feel the effectiveness so i just inhale throughout the labour. And my husband is holding the mouthpiece for me for that 2 hours stretch. Thanks hubby for being there for me. I love you.. :) Halfway using the Entonox, i feel little light-headed. I can easily dozed off and during my so-called sleep, I started to feel as if i was vacationing at the beach, seriously!! I still feel the pain, though. But only a mild one.

At around 3-ish, the Doctor came in again to inspect me... and.. i was ready to give birth!! I don't know how many cm already, but she can feel the baby head.

0348hr, 11th December 2011, my long awaited princess has born. I am blessed to gave birth to a wonderful daughter and now having a pair, a wonderful boy and a beautiful girl. Apart from all the difficulty, it was indeed a wonderful experience to me.

Delisya Zahira - 2 hours old.

Delisya Zahira - 1 week old


elcynthia 엘신티아 on January 11, 2012 at 3:14 PM said...

awww.. senyum bah dia :-). I'm waiting for my 3rd this april. praying for a smooth delivery like my 2nd. mo exercise ni nanti.. hehehe. so still in confinement holiday la kau ni kan Dzu

dzu amri on January 11, 2012 at 4:48 PM said...

Wahh.. i didn't even know LC.. Congratss.. Sudah scan ka? Si Zarinah due next month ni..

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