Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Arrival of my little Delisya Zahira..


It's s00oo typical me!!

Janji bagai nak update blog tapi ke sudahnya, satu habuk pun tarak.. Ok, what excuse for me to give this time? Before, i was busy with work, later pregnant dilemma and now of course after pregnant, busy berpantang with baby la kan.. ;)

Yupp.. now i'm halfway through my confinement period. To be exact, i'm on my 23rd days and Delisya is 23 days old now. Recalling back to the day i gave birth to Delisya, it was a whole new experience for me, apart from the fact that this is my second child, sepatutnya sudah PRO la kan.

My EDD was supposed to be on 13th December 2011, but i'm experiencing the cramping way earlier. That's why i strongly believe i'll give birth one or two weeks early. So, to avoid chaos giving birth at the office or on the way to the hospital from office, my office is around 40 minutes drive to the hospital, i decided to take leave early before my EDD, itu pun setelah bertungkus-lumus menyiapkan kerja opis yang masih ada lagi yang belum siap lagi sehingga kini, believe it or not, i bring my office work so that i can do during my confinement.

Tapi, macam tau-tau je kan, the day i'm on leave, that very day juga la darah keluar. That was on 8th of December, 5 days before my EDD. It was during my shower that i notice some spot on my panty. I show it to hubby trying to get some confirmation, and he said, nak beranak dah tu.

Not wanting to stay long at the hospital, i take my own sweet time to pack my things, get my son ready to nursery and if it's not because mom stopping me, i even wanted to go to office to settle few thing first before admitting myself to the hospital. So there i go, going to the hospital as if i'm going for a vacation, cool and relax.

During this time, i don't feel any contraction at all except for that menstrual-like-cramp, still no expert in recognizing real contraction. When i was inspected, the doctor almost sent me home, since i didn't feel any contraction at all. But after doing VE procedure, i was 3cm opening which only 1cm left into active phase of labour. However, after three days makan-tidur-makan-tidur activities at the hospital, no wonder la lambat sakit, there was still no sign of me giving birth, no contraction, only spot. Makcik-makcik nurse even wonder why i still didn't experience any contraction. I was told, usually moms will start to feel contraction at 2cm opening. Well every pregnancy is unique. I even remember the doctor said, 'kamu sangat relax, kalau orang sakit bersalin, menangis saja tidak'. Hence due to that, i was sent home...

...will continue later, need my sleep now.. ;)


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