Friday, January 29, 2010

my labour journey...

*Okay, i'm doing this post while feeding Danish on my other hand, jadi sori if there's any grammatical error.

It's a long process for my labour. Long as in one week, bukannya 24-48hrs. I never tell u before that i was to give birth to Danish 23rd November 2009, a day before my birthday. On the day my EDD is due, we went to the clinic as usual for my weekly checkup. Doctor asked me whether the pain has set in. Being a first time mother, i didn't really know the exact pain she's referring to. Because actually, i did experienced some pain, wayy earlier - weeks before, like some sort of mild period pain. 'Itu belum lagi tu'. Kompius la juga kejap, cause my sister and mom keep saying that it was almost time for me to give birth. And i am fully prepared, at that time la kan, to give birth to my little Danish.

After scanning my tummy et al, Dr sent me home, doesn't really remember what she was saying. I was given another 9 more days before kena paksa beranak. I was a bit frustrated. I'm hoping so very much that i will be admitted that evening, so that plus the labour, itu ini, i'll give birth on my birthday. Even mom pun frustrated. She keep calling me on the update of my journey to giving birth. Actually, mom had already planned to do aqiqah for the yet-to-be-born Danish on Hari Raya Qurban. So, this is the perfect time la to give birth, so i would heal by the time Aqiqah is performed.

Since that day, i've been in my most alert state. Risau tak tentu pasal. At times, saya macam making up stories, like the baby count tak cukup, there's bleeding, sakit dah datang, etc just so that people around me will bring me to the hospital and paksa beranak, hehe. Tapi semua pun macam false alarm je.

23rd.. 24th.. 25th.. 26th.. Still no sign.. Dah tak senang duduk dah.. I bring hubby turun naik shopping complex, walk the farthest i can. Sapu minyak selusuh. Teguk 3 botol air selusuh. Minum air basuhan rambut. Still to no avail.

Then Hari Raya Qurban came. Masa ni, my parent, nenek, my siblings semua balik kampung, to do Qurban. Left only me and hubby. We bought lemang and call hubby's staff to celebrate raya. While waiting, i went to pee, and to my horror, i saw some spotting. I was worried to death. That time was 11am. And hubby's staff tak datang-datang lagi. Takkan nak tinggal dorang camtu je kan, dahlah dorang naik bas. They came at 12ish and we ate. Makan pun dah tak rasa sedap dah. I keep on counting baby's kick. After bersiap-siap, at 2pm we went to the hospital. My hospital bag, was already in the car for like a month already. Hehe, giler semangat.

However, another frustration for me. After doing CTG and VE. Again Dr sent me home. I was only 1cm dilated and still there's no contraction. As long as baby's kick normal, there is no need for me to worry.

28th November: Still got brownish spotting. I just ignore it. During lunch time, i started to feel mild contraction. Not wanting to be sent home again, i didn't go the hospital. But the pain started to kick in every half hourly. Tapi kengkadang ada gak dalam dua jam. So to the hospital we go again. For another CTG and VE. Tapi this time i was admitted because of the contraction and the fact that i already 1.5cm dilated. Huhh, dalam 24 jam, baru 0.5 dilated. So there started my labour journey...... the next entry.. ;p


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