Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Welcoming baby Darwish Zaqwan.. Part 1..


I had never failed to blog this lifetime event, previously. So i cannot fail this time. Actually, I almooost.... about to fail, but luckily out of a sudden somebody had reminded me about this blog thingy, and suddenly I missed blogging. Kebetulan pula this lifetime event had just happening to me.

So if you didn't know, I just gave birth to a wonderful baby boy last 12th December 2015. I think this is THE MOST challenging journey I had been gone through. From pregnancy stage until labour. Kalau ikutkan hati, this will be my last pregnancy. Tapi... encik abam nak lagi bagi cukup empat.. T___T However, I did not want to elaborate further about my pregnancy, otherwise it will get booooring....

My EDD was supposed to be on 4th December 2015. Afraid that I'll create lifetime chaos at the office, pecah-air-ketuban-di-ofis-then-minta-tolong-colleague-hantar-ke-hospital-then-terberanak-pula-kat-dalam-kereta-OMG, I then apply 1 week leave prior to my EDD. 

Masa cuti tu, I didn't just sat in front of the TV usap-usap my belly eating snack. Not pampering myself at all. I tried to settle all things before my EDD. Plus I think, this might be a good exercise for me for easy labour later. 

I went to immigration for my maid work pass. I went to accompany husband to Secretary Office for our company. I went to husband office, accompanying him kemas office (read: duduk atas kerusi sambil tengok-tengok hp.. hihi) I went for last minute baby preparation shopping. Memang penat sangat-sangat weh.. A PLENTY of walking involved. At one time, I felt like I wanted to beranak already, like VERY-VERY SOON. Just imagine, every 4-5 steps, I had to slow down because I can feel the contraction. 

Because of that, after three days of such activities, I decided to rest at home. I thought it is enough of walking-around-initiating-labour already. However, it does no good for me. Coming 4th of December, still no sign for me to give birth. 

..to be continue..


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