Monday, March 5, 2012

Rumah Terbalik Kg. Tebobon

When I first saw the picture of Rumah Terbalik on facebook, it never came across my mind that it is actually in Malaysia, Sabah some more. So like any other pictures on the facebook, I just browse through, read some of the feedbacks, and left for another buy-me-online picture which is more ‘related’ to me, ;). It wasn’t until I saw the very same picture on Sabah local newspaper, that caught me to surprise. I was amaze and proud at the same time knowing that this is the first Rumah Terbalik in Malaysia and it is located in SABAH!! And the next weekends, I started noticing that more and more pictures were posted on FB on the Rumah Terbalik. Woww, surely the newspaper had done a good job in promoting this place. And from reviews I have read, I was attracted to go there myself to see how terbalik is this Rumah Terbalik.

So, one fine day on a hot sunny afternoon, during our way back to Ranau, we decided to stopped by at the Rumah Terbalik. It was actually located at Kg. Tebobon, Tamparuli right before Shell Station, the last pump station on the Tuaran – Ranau highway. Initially I just wanted to see from afar from the comfort of our air-conditioned car. But my husband insist on going in, pegi sekali je pun, he said.

So, in we go!! We have to pay RM20 for two Malaysian adults. Luckily Danish was still 2 years old, so he got a free entrance. They will charge some fee for child above 3 years old, how much, i didn't bother to ask since ours is FREE!! ;) For foreigners the fee is RM18 per person. On my opinion it was quite expensive if I were to compare with Ranau Hot Spring where you only pay RM3 per entry per person. I assume they are charging at that rate since it was hard to get a returning customer to the place, Mr. Alex, I think you ought to think of some other thing to attract customer to revisit this place, maybe a Kolam Terbalik or something else. ;)

Before entering the house, we had a short briefing on the Rumah Terbalik. It was told that the house occupied by a family of four. Everything in the house was upside down. Even from the small thing such as power socket to the heaviest item in the house, sewing machine (as what i was told la, I initially tought it was the fridge that is the heaviest). We were only allowed to walk on the carpeted area, since it was the sturdy floor in the house. Other than that is fragile as it was designed to be the ceiling of the house. Unfortunately, no picture allowed inside the house. So, just enjoy our outside picture.

Notice the above three pictures, Danish was poking his hand to his nose? It was his version of peace actually. Entah la dari mana dia belajar ni. ;)


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