Thursday, March 22, 2012

Online Shopping~~

I never tried online shopping before, okay, got once!! but that was only because i couldn't find it sold in KK!! The only things that I dare to spend my money online was flight ticket. Itu pun setelah Air Asia "Now Everyone Can Fly", had become "Now Everything Must Buy"!! And when you don't buy, you will be charged even more!!

However, during my confinement days, where you had nothing much to do, other than making sure your milk supply is enough and applying confinement herbs to your body, and you had to spent most of your time confined in the bedroom, you had no choice either to go for internet surfing or watching tellie for an entertainment, apart from attending a 2yrs old kid, which later is not an option for me since we had no tellie in the bedroom.

So obviously I will pick internet surfing to ease my boredom. 2nd days.. 5th days.. 1 week.. 1 month.. I started to feel bored, not knowing what other information to surf, what to blog, what to read, etc. It was until i got the idea to start another online blog shop. Hahaha.. Selling online seems a seasonal event for me. Tiap kali beranak, pantang baru nak aktif berniaga. Hopefully, this one won't stop halfway.. I do my marketing from Facebook. But to be seen, you have to add more and more friends. My mistake was, I add friends whose also an online seller. And their offer was always tempting to me. So, no need for me to explain more.. faham-fahamlah when a lady run into a good deal item.. ;)


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