Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Blog Revamp!!


I've changed my layout after contemplating to change for one months. Rasa sejuk mata memandang layout baru ni. Though, i'm not a pinkish fan actually. Tapi better la kalau nak compare dengan previous layout which i personally think more like gangster punya website with its black colour, small font, serabut with so many widgets, so similar to typical gangster car - black colour, dark tinted, loud exhaust noise, etc.

So, i say goodbye to gangster lookalike layout, no heart feeling, yeah?! You've done a good job there for the whole 2 years with Daintily Spoken. Thank you for serving me all these years!!

Update: Okay, now i have duplicate blog post and i do not know how to remove it!! *sigh. And i know that my blog just look like rumah-baru-pindah-belum-sempat-kemas, everywhere got pile of boxes. But just bear with me, okay.


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