Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Spend Less and Still Have a Great Wedding

When i was a kid, i always looked up on grown up people. The thought of having the freedom to manage your own money make me wanted to grow up hastily. Looking back in time, I still remember me following dad withdrawing money from the ATM machine. We, me and my sister/brother will always watch in great admiration those ATM machine doing its wonder producing money whenever asked for. We thought it's cool to always get the money from the ATM machine whenever we want to. It never occurred to us that we have to earn the money.

Now that i've grown up, secured a job, experts of all-money-wasting-activities, pengguna credit cards sejati, become acquainted with most of the financial term - hire-purchase, loan, overdraft, et al. I started to see life from different perspective. Especially when the wedding bell is already ding-dong-ing. I realized that money come with responsilities. The more you earn the bigger your responsibilites, besar periuk, besar la kerak nya, cheewah. And i learn that being a shoppaholics, big spender, money-wasting-activities, retail therapy, or whatever you can call it, is a dead end route, lead you to nowhere. Well i agree that maybe, some of the time we need to award ourself with all those things, but we have to limit ourself. I've been thinking, what if, with all these economic turmoil - merger, bankruptcy, downsizing, layoff, outsourcing, suddenly i lost my job, how long can i sustain my current lifestyle with the saving that i have now?

Thereafter, i stopped buying all those unnecessary, i started to differentiate between needs and desire, keperluan dan kehendak, do i sound like Venga now? @sinchan
And i've drafted my long-term financial goals which will lead to my ultimate goals to achieve financial freedom!! Praying hard that i'll stick to this one. Hopefully it'll not be the same as the previous one which had happily went to the rubbish bin. @nyerah @damn

Haha, started to feel bored and annoyed with my non-stop nag? Well, actually i wanted to share something on wedding budget which i found on the net. Who says you cannot have a great wedding while spending less?

Pay In Cash – Whenever possible, pay for your wedding expenses in cash. Do not worry about paying for the food: most hotels and restaurants accept the balance payments in cash after the event. Eg. Angpau money given by guests. If you have to use credit, have every wedding expenses recorded on a spreadsheet and monitor its total closely to ensure that you don’t blow your budget.

Consider Alternative Venues – A luxurious background setting in a hotel ballroom looks really nice but a simple garden wedding surrounded by loving family members and friends is even nicer. Couples who focus on love instead of money tend to fare better in their marriages later in life.

Build Domestic Team Work – Encourage family members and friends to take part in your wedding preparations. Let them volunteer their talents to help you make this a truly memorable event. This helps to bring you closer to them besides enabling you to cut cost and save some money for your future.

Good luck to me on my wedding budget!! FootInMouth


Gallivanter on November 5, 2008 at 2:43 PM said...

Gulps to the thought of the cost of marriage!

dZuHRiAh on November 6, 2008 at 10:56 PM said...

ya.. hopefully all went smoothly.. teda sangkut-sangkut..

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