Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Between Man & Tight Pants

Warning: Post is using pure Sabahan dialect. Should you be having difficulty to understand, please kindly ask, if still don't understand, you can as well skip this entry. No heart feeling. Wink

One fine day . . . . . . . . . . . . Lalalalala [background sound]

Man: Ada si lina [bukan nama sebenar] sana [bilik sebelah].

Lady: Owh, jadi kenapalah?

Man: Dia pakai seluar ketat oh....

Lady: Hmmmmm....

Man: Tapi kalau kasi *doing some slapping gesture, papp saja tu. Bukan toing.

Lady: Apa??!!!!

Man: Yala kan, sudah berumur. [Lina is in her mid 30's]. Liat sudah tu. Macam bola ragbi pancit. Nda lagi melantun.

Lady: &%@#*)..

Lady: *thinking. Will he said the same thing to others if I'd be seen in my tight pants? Hmm, guys will be guys. Pirate


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